Our Rules

1 – Being in The Remedy

Being in <The Remedy> is about having fun in the world or Norrath, playing with others who are like-minded. It’s about advancing your character(s) while at the same time helping others advance theirs.

We all like to communicate but if you are going to be having a long or personal conversation don’t block the general guild chat – form a channel and discuss there. And no spam please. Please also note we are an English speaking guild.

The Remedy is new on Agnarr but we want to have a reputation for being good players who are mature and responsible.
This reputation is hard to achieve and we will try our best to get it. Therefore please ensure your actions at all
times promote this. The guild will take a very dim view of any individual who damages or threatens to damage this
reputation. Please be yourself, but remember at all times you are an ambassador of The Remedy.

2 – Behave like a human being, and it’s all okay!

Saying “Behave like a human being, and it’s all okay” is a bit generalized, but the people known by the various names
in the guild have another name in real life, and it is an actual person behind that computer. Act like you weren’t talking
to that person through an avatar that is your character, but the actual person, in real life.

Remember that we are all humans, we do make mistakes, but the first step is to acknowledge this. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself, it might be a cliché, but it is true in all forms. You may want to ask others in the guild for help,
but don’t expect help if you always turn them down when they ask you.

If you get into a heated debate with a fellow guildie, and this is between the two of you, the officers will not help you out! Unless this is a guild matter, it is up to you two to solve it. Keep this in a private channel or in whisper!