AoW finally down!

After our first try the other week he owned us with 2% left… yesterday we where back and this time he didn’t knew what hit him!

And of course our Guildleader got the kill

Congratulations all that where present and finally got him down!
Oh and Statue gave us 3!!!! BPs…

Keeper bites the dust

Yesterday we got Keeper in Sky for the first time, maybe in a way that you really shouldn’t do. It was really messy but fun!

But hey, sometimes its fun to go outside the box and try againt all ods!

Maestro down on first try!

Congratulations to all that participated in our first try with Maesto.

Well played!

Here we wait for the gnome sacrifice!


Also grats to Herwine on her epic, Orb of Mastery! 3rd epic for the guild.
(As usual Grumnir has to photobomb the picture)