Welcome P5!!!!

We have struggle a lot to get past the Vallon brothers and finally we did it! Next challenge for us is Rallos Zek! but before that we downed Berit in the most epic fight ever on Agnarr!!!

Thanks to Winnetou for sharing his screenshot from his dual RTX 2080 SLI setup

But before we got her down we killed CT with our Paladins tanking him.

Karakola got CT down by tickling his feet!

Much love to all of you that has hanged in there to make this happen! Now Quarm needs to find die!

Ralloz Zek bites the dust!

After a couple of tries we finally nailed our strat to get Ralloz Zek down!

So what strat did we use? well… the picture of Rolendor says it all! Paladin DPS ftw!

Well done all! This was a great night for us!

Congratulations to Arianka and Corgan on their loot!