About Us

The Remedy is a European Everquest guild on the Agnarr server. We are a casual raiding guild. The Remedy is made up from a wide variety of individuals from different countries and different backgrounds. We are mature players who join together, helping each other develop in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

At The Remedy we have no desire to be the largest guild. We do not believe ‘more’ always equals ‘better’, instead we focus upon having the right people with the right attitude.

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  1. Was interested in the guild.
    I Have played on all tlps and at launch but have recently come back to agnarr as my only current server.
    I was in europa-agnarr for the first 2 expansions then had a break.
    I was looking for a more casual guild with less uber raiding as the only focus as i find it difficult to be home from work in time for raids but would still like to raid when i am home without meeting any raid attendance level type rules. Just want the friends and the fun that often goes astray with big guilds.
    I am uk based and am .. Zzann 58 Cleric/Thistledew 58 mage Duo.

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